Dell Command Configure

Hi There,

first I want to apologize if posted this topic in a wrong forums.

second I have been asked by my company to Push Bios Setting across our organization to enable Wake-On Lan Settings.. On my search I came across your Application  Dell Command Configure and I installed on three PCs. two optiplex 7040 and one optiplex 990 after installation is completed I tried to run the wizard but it ended up freezing two of the Models which are 990 and 7040. but yet on the other 7040 is running without any issue knowing this PC is running with Windows 10 while the other two are Windows 7.

well I dont understand what really the issue there. is the app only compatible with windows 10? or is there something on these systems running windows 7. Can someone advice me on what the issue there?

if you have any questions about my issue please ask me and I will try to provide them 

Thanks in advance 

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