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Dell Sputnik

I have been using Dell XPS 13 for the last 3 months.  I have bought Dell XPS 13 with windows edition and did clean install of Ubuntu 12.10.  I have added the PPA manually.

Issues that I am facing:

  1.) Fully charged battery lasts only for 3 hours. ( Bluetooth Disabled, WIFI Enabled).  Many them has posted that the battery life is quite impressive.

  2.) In Last 3 months Laptop got shutdown abruptly twice.  This happens only when cooling Fan makes more noise and it shutdown abruptly  after sometime

  3.) I couldn't hibernate my PC.  Hibernate button is disabled.

I need to verify the PPA that I have added manually is correct r not. Please advice on this.

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My sputnik from last fall has never had issues with Bluetooth. I use an Apple trackpad and a Motorola SD10 headset without any issues.

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