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Dell XPS 13 (9370 - Late 2017) - Rumours and facts before release

Any news about the next Dell XPS 13?

9360 was released in October, so we can expect the next one (probably tagged 9370) in the next 4 months. Probably when the next 8-gen Intel CPU "Coffee Lake" is out.

Maybe there are some rumours around already..

@Barton, is the hardware team working on the coil whine issue so we don't get the internet flooded with the same story again..

Maybe a new camera position..

I hope you managed to process some customer feedback so the next XPS 13 is going to best the best ever.

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Thank you Barton.


Send me a friend request with your service tag. I'll see what I can do.

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter!

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Just found this video showing XPS 13 2017 at some expo.

So it is out. Where can I buy one?


Dell XPS 13 DE 9370.

Dell XPS 13 DE 9350.

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Hi Jarl,

Thats a sneak peek.  The system will be available after the first of the year

Thinking of trading in the 9350 for a 9370? :) Thanks for the support!

Barton George

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Please-please-please, keep a replaceable SSD, don't be evil Apple :)

And as usual, I want a FullHD+16RAM config :)

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Hi Barton, has the the coil whine been fixed on the 9370?

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Hi Barton,

I would be *very* thankful if you could tell me if the new XPS 13 will be released also in Europe (specifically Spain) after the 1st of the year -- I am struggling between getting one of the already available XPS 13 DE models or waiting for the new release, but only if I can get it at the beginning of the year.

Thanks a lot!



Yep, it will be available in Spain as well

Barton George


It should be fixed.  Thanks

Barton George


It should have been. But it wasn't, unfortunately. I've got the new XPS 9370 - it's there and it's quite annoying. I was wondering, if you guys could provide us with the statistics of how many XPSes were returned because of that reason :)


I have the new XPS 13 9370 as well. I got it March 1, 2018 and...... yes coil whine + clicking sound is present when laptop is under load. The noise is annoying. Please let me know if there is a fix.

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