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New Kaby Lake XPS 13: coil whine

Hi everybody,

After I was so happy to have found a Linux supported laptop with very good specifications, I had to return the brand new 9350 QHD+ because of the coil whine noise. It was a real pity because I was in love with the rest, but it was simply too loud.

Now I am thinking again what to buy.

Is the design of the new XPS 13 Kaby Lake (9360) solving the coil whine problem?

If yes, I would prefer to wait and support Dell buying the DE.

I know this is not a hardware forum, but I hope that someone from Dell can give me an asnwer here. Thank you very much in advance!

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I received my XPS 13 9370 after over 2 weeks and just returned it because of two reasons:

1- Coil whine which is really annoying when you're in a quiet room and trying to read an article or work on a code!

2- There was a big ugly! gap in hinge, body and display they were not in same surface.

I'm all set with Dell and it's QC.



I would like to mention that in my experience, this issue does have a potential to worsen over time. As I have encountered it across a 7470 and 7480 now.

"working within specification," maybe, consider 2 years from now, my unit was unusable within that time frame, and now i feel I've been handed a replacement with 2 years of usability left in it, out of box.

Looking forward to see if real responses to this problem arise.

Its 2019 and their still handing out laptops with a known issue from 2017....

I do appreciate the work that you have done on this issue.



the last time to buy dell product almost lost 1000$ on this creepy sound coil whine with dell laptop, it is not xps it is dell g3759

contact your community member and mentioned that this sound is ok, it might be ok for you but not for all of us.

Thanks dell for all your efforts since 2017 concerning the issue. 

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You should contact Dell to change a new Power Brick.

sell also:


Got no coil wine on the 2020 9300 model of the XPS 2020

No noise when running on battery, nor with the power supply

Totally silent

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