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No support for updating ssd firmware in ubuntu

It seems the Dell service, while suggesting me to update the SK hynix ssd firmware on my xps 13 9360 because of an issue I have, does not provide a way to update it in ubuntu or dos or winpe. I know winpe was available up to version 20004A00, but my drive already has 20005A00 and SK hynix only provides a windows installer, without stating the latest version, and they don't answer to my emails...... It seems the only way to actually find out if there is an update is to clone the drive, install a rogue windows for the time it takes for the update, and then restore ubuntu... which is a bit of a drama.

So maybe someone with windows knows if 20005A00 is the latest?

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Still a problem three years later...


fwupdmgr does check if firmware updates are available, for both BIOS and SSD

Now, this requires Dell to go publish those updates so they become available for fwupdmgr

They do for recent models of their laptops (as long you can buy them with Ubuntu or RHEL)

So currently, both BIOS and SSD firmwares are checked so this is no longer a problem

Might be for old machines if Dell does not go to to upload the firmwares there

If your machine is not listed there and you have a SSD firmware available, then you will have no choice but to boot a portable Windows on a USB stick, and update the SSD firmware from there.

And boot back to Linux.

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