No support from Dell regarding Ubuntu

Dear people,

With a Dell XPS 13 9360 with touchscreen we are also experiencing the issue *XPS 13 9360 trackpad locks into scroll mode* [1], reported „upstream“ at the Dell Sputnik project *three* months ago. As there has been no solution and no interaction by Dell Sputnik folks what to do, I contacted the (German) Dell support.

Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t any better. First I was asked to test it with Windows 10. Unwillingly, we did that, and contrary to some reports in [1], we were unable to reproduce it over the weekend. Maybe because of driver updates in the meantime, or because we didn’t trigger it, as we don’t know how to reliably reproduce it.

Anyway, today I am talking to the Dell support, and I am told, as we were unable to reproduce it in Windows 10, it’s not a hardware problem, and the issue is closed from their side, as – although they sell the device with Ubuntu – they don’t support it.

Is that true?

Kind regards,

Paul Menzel

[1] bugs.launchpad.net/.../1651635

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RE: No support from Dell regarding Ubuntu

Can you reproduce the problem with Dell's official XP 13 Ubuntu image? (I think you need to request this). If so, then my opinion is that it should be supported.

I personally use a fresh install (not Dell's image), but I have a 9343.

Good luck!

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RE: No support from Dell regarding Ubuntu

Dear relevant, thank you for your answer.

My topic/question is more, if Dell is giving support or not? Because I heard both ways. It’d be great if I could be pointed to an official document or if a Dell representative could answer.

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RE: No support from Dell regarding Ubuntu


Please send me a friend request with your service tag and email address and we'll start a case together. I'm interested in trying to replicate this scrolling behavior and working with you to resolve.

Justin C

Dell Technical Support L3 | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DellCaresPRO


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