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Recovery iso download for ubuntu 14.04 M3800

Is there a way I can download an iso to install ubuntu on to my computer.

The thing is, I bought this laptop with windows installed on it because I made a mistake when buying the laptop. Then when it arrived I removed windows and installed ubuntu from the official ubuntu iso.

It works fine, but sometimes there are a few power issues and 3d issues which I guess is cuased by me installing improper drivers. So I was wondering, is it possible to downoad a dell provided .iso of ubuntu 14.04 which I can install on my M3800 laptop.

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I'm in the same boat, I bought an m3800 with Windows (on purpose, long story) and wiped it to install Ubuntu, but without a walk-through guide on which nvidia drivers or other software to install, I'm left to guess how to configure my machine to take advantage of the nvidia card and thunderbolt support.

I have a case opened (apparently only the Windows support team works 24x7 while the Ubuntu support team works a 9-5 gig) so I have to wait for them to call me back over the next day or two.

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You can get it from here!

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