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Re: Setting the battery charge level within Linux

The hard way still remains. I have a 3 1/2 year old Lenovo Y50 which controls an external switch to maintain the battery between 30% and 60%. I checked earlier today and the battery is at 65% capacity which seems decent for a laptop that has been plugged in for most of the 3 1/2 years. I can provide additional details if that would be helpful.

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Re: Setting the battery charge level within Linux

Hello everyone,
thanks for all the information you shared.

The command I use returns the following output on my XPS 13 9333 with Ubuntu 18.04 and BIOS version A03 release date 01/28/2014:


sudo /opt/dell/dcc/cctk --primarybatterycfg=custom:50-85

Checking the BIOS in fact returns that the custom levels are locked to be 50 to 55 and can't be changed.

Do you think upgrading to BIOS A08 (the last available for the XPS 13 9333) could unlock the custom levels ?



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