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Several months of using my xps 13

When I learned about project Sputnik I was excited, I have long felt the Linux laptop experience has been weak. This is the first Linux powered laptop that I feel is amazing! It is a very powerful and beautiful machine, I still get people asking me "what laptop is that." Maybe I am vain, but it feels good. When a fellow Linux freak sees Ubuntu running they are very impressed with the whole package. 

I am a Ph.D. student and spend massive amounts of time developing software. Currently I am doing lots of Apache, Python, Django, Android development using GIT and all of that nice stuff. This machine has been solid, the experience a pleasure, and months after getting my XPS 13 I am still very very happy.

I had a small issue early with the login screen not coming back after sleep, but I fixed that pretty easily.  The only other minor complaint is the touch pad is a bit to sensitive and results in my cursor position jumping sometimes while I type, and yes I know about the settings options. 

Overall I would give this system a 9 out of 10, and I really, really, really hope that Dell continues with it. I think targeting developers and creating amazing machines running Linux is a smart thing for dell to do. 

Thanks Sputnik 

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Re: Several months of using my xps 13

@remotus thanks for the great feedback!

Barton George

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Re: Several months of using my xps 13

I'm beginning with the Python ~ Web Programming, any IDE you recommend? 🙂

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