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Ubuntu, Precision 7510 and reinstall with disk encryption

I apologize if this is in the incorrect location, wasn't quite sure where to put it. If I need to move it, happy to do so

I recently purchased a Precision 7510 with Ubuntu. I went through the installation process only to find out that I don't have the ability to encrypt the disk. Some searching around identified the post here:


I created a recovery image, moved it to a large USB drive and copied off the entire "apt" directory. I reinstalled Ubuntu 14.04.5 on this host. I decompressed the recovery iso and found the "debs" folder and attempted to install them (this is after I replaced the "apt" directory with the one from the original image).

I tried the installation a few ways:

1.) dpkg -i foo.deb
2.) dpkg -i foo.deb followed by apt-get install -f
3.) gdebi foo.deb

I received a number of errors during install, but generally a bunch appeared to install ok. Upon reboot, I hit the login prompt enter my creds and black screen, which takes me back to login prompt. I drop down to console to look at the logs, appears to be an issue with gnome. I attempt to hardwire an internet connection and that doesn't work (so can't update packages).

Looking for any feedback or direction on how to properly install which deb packages and in which order and if there is anything else I should be installing from the recovery iso. I've run ubuntu just fine on other laptops, but utilizing the this laptop for a bit prior to re-install was pretty nice.


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RE: Ubuntu, Precision 7510 and reinstall with disk encryption

Have you tried with a fresh install of 16.10? I haven't had any issues with 16.10 and it appears everything works but I didn't install with encryption yet which is something I want to do but not exactly sure the proper way to do it.