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What is the supported way to update XPS 13 DE 9350

I just bought a XPS 13 DE 9350. And I am definitely going to get another one (or two) for my kids.

I can see that the computer is shipped with a configuration (/etc/apt/sources.list) to fetch packages from dell repositories for ubuntu 14.04 (not official ubuntu repositories). Either that may be because Dell then have control over which packages are "released", ensuring that what is released actually works for XPS 13. It could also be to ensure sufficient guaranteed uptime on the repo servers.

I am consider 4 ways to keep the XPS 13 up to date.

  1. Keep the repo sources as is (fetching from Dell servers) for ubuntu 14.04
  2. Change the repo source list to ubuntu repo sources
  3. Same as 2, but also upgrade all the way to 16.04, the ubuntu way.
  4. Install ubuntu 16.04 from scratch.

As far as I understand (3) and (4) are not officially supported, but it seems l like the Sputnik team may help on some issues anyway. But what about (1) and (2) are both these methods for keeping the computer up to date supported.

My intention is to first try out the officially supported way to keep this computer updated.



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RE: What is the supported way to update XPS 13 DE 9350

Our out-of-box update process is staged so that we're capable of staging Dell-specific updates prior to vanilla Ubuntu updates in the event we need to be able to do this to fix critical hardware enablement issues. (I think of how Android now can do updates over the air prior to you "logging in" the first time.) After about three updates, you'll see the vanilla Ubuntu repositories listed in /etc/apt/sources.list as well as Dell-specific repositories under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/. The Dell-specific updates are essentially packages layered on top of vanilla Ubuntu with bug fixes prior to those bug fixes making their way into vanilla Ubuntu. They're not intended to be necessary when you upgrade to subsequent Ubuntu releases. While we aren't yet at the point of officially supporting newer Ubuntu releases, we have limited capability of getting support from Canonical on issues in newer Ubuntu releases.

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RE: What is the supported way to update XPS 13 DE 9350

Am I right in interpreting this diagram as implying that Ubuntu's support for Linux kernel 3.19 might be ending in as little as 7 days' time?  Does Project Sputnik have any official / semi-official guidance for carrying out an upgrade to a supported OS?

I can see on this page that 14.04 "trusty linux-lts-xenial" already exists, and includes the 4.4 kernel.  But my instinct is to prefer upgrading all the way to 16.04.

N.B.  It is my understanding that Dell is still shipping the XPS 9350 with Linux kernel version 3.19.  (I bought my own 9350 a few months ago, and I'm definitely on 3.19.)

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RE: What is the supported way to update XPS 13 DE 9350

Can you please post the Dell specific repositories (addresses) and the GPG key for 'apt-key add' ?  I chose to wipe/install a fresh Xubuntu 16.04.  (Because i just cannot function with Unity.) I have an new XPS 13 9350 6th gen i5-6200U Aug 2016.

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