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Windows 8 recovery function and Dell backup and Recovery

Hi all - I recently purchased an Inspiron 15z with Windows 8.  After 2 weeks, I decided to run through and check the back-up utilities in the event of a system crash, my kids love to crash things.  Regardless, when I ran restore through the Win 8 settings, I was told that it could not find the files needed and to use a disc. I rant he Dell backup and recovery program and received a similar error.  I can see the OEM partitions and it has data on it, so it is there...but apparently somewhere something is corrupt.  Has anyone run in to this issue and does anyone know possible fixes to be able to run the Dell backup and recovery.  I simply want to make sure I have the protection when needed.  I considered using a 3rd party program, such as Macrium Reflect.  If I do, is it okay to place the image from Macrium over the old Dell OEM image...also if I do that, can I delete the other 2 small OEM partitions (1 is 50 MB, the other is only 4 MB).  I would rather have the Dell and Windows 8 options functioning properly...can anyone help.



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I called Dell and told them I needed a USB recovery key because I had lost my recovery partition. I told them that "Barton George told me to call" and that I had priority support and they shipped it the next day and I had it the following day.

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