XPS 13 9360 Touchpad not working

Really disappointed. As soon as I received XPS 13 9360, Touchpad is not working.

I think, many of customers have the same issue. 

Whatever, steps which dell support team (surely I called them) asked me to do, are useless.

Downloading driver, initializing XPS 13 9360, all methods failed.

Dell engineer visited my office and he replaced a touchpad. However, even after he replaced, touch pad was not working.

After rebooting few time, suddenly touch pad was working, but after one week, suddenly touch pad is dead (yesterday)

Dell website is really useless about this issue. 

I think, this issue is not about touchpad part but main board.

below link is exactly what my XPS 13 9360 issue is happening now.


I hope, someone can help me. (I already contacted dell support team for onsite support again today)


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