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XPS 13 9370 Ubuntu full disk encryption


I have just received a XPS 13 9370 Ubuntu and I have some questions.

I will post one thead per question.

First question:

During the Ubuntu 18.04 configuration installation, there was no full disk encryption (LUKS) option.

From what I have understood, this shall be done during Ubuntu configuration, otherwise it seems more complicated.
Did I miss something ? Has Dell removed this option in Ubuntu installation process ?

Shall I reinstall from a Dell Recovery Ubuntu USB key so that the option is proposed ?

Thanks in advance for your hints.

Kind regards

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One simple solution:

Not OEM or supported, but works flawlessly on my system.


this is exactly the first thing I will be doing - wiping unencrypted Dell Ubuntu from my XPS 9310 and instsalling PopOS!

You can add the Dell repositories to get the dell specific drivers working

Here is a good guide:

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