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XPS 13 DE and other linux distros

Am I correct in assuming Arch Linux (for example) would work well on the XPS 13 developer edition?

I'm currently on the market for an 'ultrabook', and I worry about compatibility/drivers. This one seems relatively safe since it runs linux OOTB.

(I think I read that the drivers for this particular model's trackpad were merged with the official kernel at this point.)

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I'm not an Arch user, but yes, we try our best to push changes upstream, and this is what we have done with kernel changes for Sputnik. I believe that the 3.9 kernel is when the touchpad driver was included upstream. There are some backlight issues, which are not exclusive to Dell Ivy Bridge systems but have affect several other vendors, that are still being worked out, and some of the fixes currently available in Ubuntu may be temporary workarounds for the backlight. I don't recall anything else that wouldn't be upstream.

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