XPS13 9333 Haswell Long boot time


I received my XPS13 9333 Developer Edition last week, and so far Im very happy with it. One slight issue I have is the long boot time, aprx 18 seconds. Im wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? Here is what I observe:

1) Power on XPS 13 9333

2) Aprx 12 seconds pass before Dell logo appears on screen

3) Another 6 seconds pass and I am at Ubuntu 12.04 LTS login screen.

I havent changed any options on the laptop - only changes are to apply patches to 12.04 LTS (its still on this version) and to upgrade Bios to version A03.

But Im wondering what is causing the 12 second delay in step 2?

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RE: XPS13 9333 Haswell Long boot time


I had this same problem when I got my new XPS 9333 last night after rebooting it the first time.  I also had some other problems, such as bluetooth not working and touchpad issues after the first reboot.

At some point, I power cycled the machine (power it off completely, don't just reboot) and the problem went away on next boot.

I vaguely remember having a similar problem setting up a series 2 machine with a friend.  It seems like maybe there's some BIOS bug.

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RE: XPS13 9333 Haswell Long boot time

Hi plz plz help me

When I press the power button on my XPS 13 9333, the backlight and power lights come on, but nothing on the screen. No Dell logo, can't get into BIOS etc. Holding D plus power does the LCD test so I don't think the display is the problem. Before this started happening I updated the BIOS, it worked fine straight after I restarted but won't turn on since the last time I restarted.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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