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m3800 - has anyone swapped out the wifi/bluetooth card?

Hey everyone,

I have the Broadcom 4352 card in my 3800 and I'm having trouble with it in Ubuntu. I've tried pinging the folks who run the bluez project but have gotten zero response, and I'm wondering if it'd be more worthwhile to just spend $25-$50 on the Intel wifi/bluetooth module and swap the hardware.

Has anyone here done that, who can recommend which Intel card to purchase? I don't recall seeing specifics about the exact model to buy, only to buy "the Intel card".

Thanks for any info.

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As a side note, if anyone has the Broadcom card and knows about bluetooth settings who can help me out, here's the question I'm trying to get covered:

In a nutshell, the bluetooth managers (I've tried several) on Ubuntu 15.10 won't give an option to send a pin of 0000 to a headset any longer and my Jaybird X2 headset will pair but not "connect" to do any audio. My feeling, since I can't find any good way to debug this yet, is that bluez is sending a random PIN on connect and the headset is rejecting it.

My m3800 is dual-booted to Windows 10 which pairs and connects to the headset just fine. It's definitely an Ubuntu problem, so I don't even know if swapping the Broadcom card for Intel will fix anything, it's just one of several debugging things I'm considering.

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