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m3800 trackpad stopped working in 16.04

I upgraded from a perfectly-workint 15.10 (other than sleep mode) to 16.04 yesterday and now my trackpad is only detected as a mouse. Two finger scrolling no longer works, blocking touch events while typing is broken.

And while tap-to-click works, I can only press-click the trackpad along the bottom left/right corners to perform actual left/right clicks for highlighting, dragging, etc..

Barton mentioned that 16.04 would be supported, so I'm curious if anyone's up to speed yet on what might have broken here.

As a side note the bluetooth pairing/connected problem I had with my Jaybird X2 headset that I reported several months ago when installing 15.10 (and was working fine) is back, and the instructions I followed to get them working in 15.10 no longer work in 16.04.

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I've often had issues like this when upgrading. That is why I always do a fresh install. Back everything up, use a script that you can always run to install your favorite applications, and you're done

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I appreciate the idea, but a complete reinstall is not always practical.

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