new XPS13 9360 fails to start after 1 week

Any ideas? I will request a warranty call on Monday if all else fails.

  • battery is charged
  • power cable is functional
  • power light comes on for ~ 10 seconds and turns off again

That aside, I'm hearing a light whine all the time, which increases dramatically when scrolling in a web browser, pressing the Windows key. In all other respects this is a seriously nice little laptop, but the whining and general noise is appalling. Evidently I'm not the first to run into this, but given its not mentioned in any of the online reviews its "obviously" limited to just my unit, so I'm sure it will be replaced quickly :-).

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RE: new XPS13 9360 fails to start after 1 week

My laptop, after under 2 months, is booting to a black screen. Cant type anything - no dell logo. nothing

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