Aptio BIOS version 2.3.0 -- Inspiron 11-3168 -- Ubuntu Forum

What: Inspiron 11-3168 

Hard Drive: eMMC SanDisk DF4032 358c6b72 32GB 

Steps:  Fresh Install of Ubuntu, no W-10

IssueNo bootable device found

BIOS: Suspected BIOS setting to find Ubuntu '.efi' file?

Attempted solutions BIOS:

Fastboot OFF, UEFI Mode ON, Secure Boot OFF

Fastboot OFF, UEFI Mode ON, Secure Boot ON

Legacy boot mode


Windows 10 Home does not work in the machine, thus remove the OS that does not work, but I like the machine because it is small and I can use it in my car. Everything is good about this but the fact it does not work with W-10 Home, and it is a time sink! 

I have gone through many iterations of attempting to install Ubuntu from USB stick (Ubuntu works in test mode from USB). All installs give me the message "No bootable device found" (something like that). Clearly the BIOS/UEFI is not finding the boot record that Ubuntu is installing on the drive. I did the Ubuntu "Something else" install as suggested by Dell, can see the boot sector, swap space, and all with Gparted. FYI, cannot install dual-boot with W-10 on the eMMC, windows takes all of the drive, not even enough space left on the drive to operate the W-10!


1) Is there a setting in BIOS, or can I point the UEFI with this version of BIOS (see subject line) to the Ubuntu '.efi' file?

2) Is this the latest version of BIOS? I tried to do an update of BIOS, seems it took the update, but I did not write down the old version before the update, so I am not sure.

3) I forgot to mention, when I change the BIOS to UEFI mode, the only F12 boot option is something like 'Windows Boot Manager", is this BIOS set to only work with W-10 home? Thus, the Dell is designed to leave at home 😂

Hope Dell support can jump in.

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