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Dell Inspiron 7559 Freeze after GRUB Screen

So basically, the problem is as described.....   :3    I followed the directions on Connor Kuehl's GitHub page, and everything works just fine.....   Except for the occasional post-GRUB black screen freeze.....   :<  Any ideas, guys.....?    :3   Also, every time this happens, I get the "initramfs" ASH Shell Prompt.....   It reports Bad Superblocks, which happen from the Root Filesystem not Mounting properly.....   :3   I can fix it, and it then starts NORMALLY, but it keeps then happening at random intervals.....   Weird.   :\   Thanks for any help guys, and while I don't mind using other brands of Laptops/Desktops, Dell is my favorite, because of it's great Laptop and Desktop design, and it's (almost always) PHENOMENAL compatibility with Linux.....   Smiley Happy   It's nice to be a part of this community.....   Smiley Happy   Have a good day, ok.....?   :3

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