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Dell Mini 9 and airplane mode


I have my Granddaughters Dell Mini 9 and it has a problem. That I desperately need help with. It is out of waratee so I am reduced to fixing it myself. She, being a typical teenager, went to many web sites she should not have and really boogered up the machine. So much so that the only solution was to wipe the SSD and reload from scratch. Unfortunately this has not worked out so well. I managed to get Windows XP reloaded but now the power and battery lights flash alternately as soon as the power supply is plugged in or the computer is turned on. But the battery is showing fully charged. From my research I noticed that Airplane Mode can cause this, but I can't find that, probably because Ubuntu is not installed, where airplane mode resides. The battery is new and the charger is new and the computer will run without the battery and just the charger. The battery shows fully charged and functional. The computer says it does NOT recognize the battery, and yet it still charges the battery. When we bought this unit we gave to our grand Daughter as a Christmas present and we gave her all that came with it. She has since lost the recovery disk that came with it and Tech Support says they can't sell us a new recovery disk to go with it. I have a hard time believing a company such as DELL would not be able to reproduce the restore disk for this machine. I truly believe that the restore disk is the answer to the problems. I noticed in one of the posts in this forum that you offered a fully imaged disk to one of your customers, I was wondering if you could do the same for me. I don't expect it for free and I will pay fair market value for it. The service tag for this machine is <ADMIN NOTE :Service tag removed as privacy policy>. I would be very grateful if you can help with this problem. My Grand Daughter also uses this for school, which makes it kind of important to her. My e-mail is <ADMIN NOTE :Email Id removed as per privacy policy> my phone is <ADMIN NOTE :Phone number removed as privacy policy> My name is John Pelles.

Please help!, I am at wits end trying to repair this machine. How can such a small machine be such a problem? I am not exactly computer illterate, I do have a fair knowlege of computers but don't know it all by any means, just enough to make me dangerous, lol.

Thank You for any and all help you can give me.


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Re: Dell Mini 9 and airplane mode


Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

Since your system had Ubuntu installed on and you say you wiped it off and installed Windows did you first delete the Ubuntu partitions and then create a Windows partition? This will need to be done with the Windows disk that was shipped with the computer. Once you have the Windows partition and the hard drive formatted,.You can install Windows and the system drivers from the drivers disk that was also shipped with the system. If you have lost the Windows disk you can request a disk be sent to you from the link below.

Backup Disk Request Form

Mini 9 Drivers Download Page

Reinstalling Windows XP

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