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Dell Optiplex 760 and Fedora 14


I'm having an issue with installing Fedora 14 on the Optiplex 760.  I have the full DVD install disk that I downloaded and burned.  The install disk runs fine on an Optiplex GX 620.  On the 760, it's real slow loading vzlinuz.  It freezes during the bootup until I hit the power button.  That makes the startup move to the next item to load.  I have to do this multiple times until the install window shows.  After which the install asks me where the installation image is.  So, I have a feeling this is because Fedora doesn't have the right driver for the DVD drive?  Has anyone else had this problem?  Thank you all for your help.


- Michael de Almeida

University of Hartford CETA

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Re: Dell Optiplex 760 and Fedora 14


  I found the problem to be in the BIOS settings (under performance, disabled, or uncheck, the c-step option.


-Chris Noyes

Computer Science Corporation

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