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Dell xps 13 9370 Webcam support

I got my dell xps yesterday. It is the developers edition that come with ubuntu 16.04 preinstalled. 

I notice that cheese does not come installed, so I installed but no webcam is detected. I can see it if I do an lsusb, so I know is activated.

I was wondering, does this laptop supports the webcam or not?


Edit: Good news, a dell engineer came and replace the monitor, that has the webcam integrated and presto, it is working now.

Update: Most of the problems with the webcam is not hardware based. Looks like many of the laptops come with a firmware that the latest Linux kernel do not support at the moment. To solve the issue, Dell is replacing the whole monitor with a downgrade firmware of the webcam. If a less drastic solution is reported, I will update the post with it.

Update2: Looks like there is a software solution now. 

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Same here, even I upgrade the kernel to 4.17.6-041706-generic, the webcam is not detected after suspend. I also have deep sleep instead of s2idle. 


If you have the webcam-suspend symptom please send me a PM with your name and service tag.

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter!

I have the same Dell XPS 13 9370, running Debian Sid with deep sleep enabled. Upon suspend/resume, the webcam does not work.

Since the new kernel on 16.04 hwe

(4.15.0-29-generic #31~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP)

the camera is now working on my laptop also after suspend resume (I still have issues with skype, but cheese, hangouts, etc, are working)




Are you definitely using deep sleep?

Guys! Today I've found urgent BIOS update (I'd say downgrade):

And I downgraded from my 1.4.0 to "urgent" 1.1.3. And voila - webcam now works after deep sleep on my XPS 13 9370 Kubuntu 18.04 with 4.15.0-29-generic kernel.

Thanks a lot!


Good catch. Yes, a couple days ago I was informed that the BIOS team is aware of this webcam/wake concern. I'm expecting the fix to come in the form of a 1.5.0 BIOS release. This is not 100% promised to me yet and I'm working to get this documented with ETA.

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter!

With my friend we bought identical laptops at same time, just compared:

in 1.3.3 bios there's no problem with camera

in 1.4.0 - there is

I downgraded my bios to 1.3.3, but I still have problem with my camera, it won't work after I put my laptop to sleep. 

It works on windows.

For the webcam suspend issue 1.3.3 doesn't work for me but 1.1.3 does. I'm not sure if it brings back the keyboard issues or not? Maybe my typos but maybe the keyboard bugs.

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