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IPMI Messaging via SMIC

Hi there, thanks for visiting this post.

So, long story short, I have recently started to venture the world of IPMI and have a decent understanding of what it's used for/how it's used.

The (VPX) board that I am trying to interrogate has IPMI capabilities (mentioned in it's reference manual), although when I went through the manual properly the 2nd time I realised that I could only message to the BMC with SMIC commands, not KCS (as I had been trying to do for a little while now!)

I know this is going to sound like a broad post, but I was wondering if there is somebody here who could give me a brief indication on where to start with SMIC messaging?

For example, will I be able to use IPMI software (such as OpenIPMI/IPMITool or FreeIPMI) for SMIC messagine or is there another way in which it is done?

Thanks for giving this a read, any support is greatly appreciated!! It seems that it is not a very well ventured topic online unfortunately.. !

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