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Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 Touchpad under Linux causes pointer to jump intermittently

I've searched on the forums for this but don't see an issue that seems the same.

I have a new Inspiron 15 Gaming laptop but didn't buy it for gaming. I've installed Linux on it, though I also saw a similar problem when running the Windows 10 OS that came with the laptop before I switched to Linux (don't want to get into a discussion about why I changed - it is more appropriate for me to use Linux as the native system).

I've noticed a few issues with the touchpad but I reckon most are just a case of getting used to it, after many years on completely different laptop. However, one issue I can't figure out is that, from time to time, I'm moving the pointer around and it will jump quite a distance, often right to the lower left of the screen but sometime horizontally left or right. It happens frequently enough (though still, thankfully, rare) to become annoying.

Does anyone have any ideas? I notice DELL have no software for the machine that's specific to Linux, so that channel doesn't seem open. With some other similar issues I've noticed some have reported multiple touchpad devises listed with xinput, but that's not the case with me.

For information, I'm on Linux Mint 18 and have altered very little since installing it a few days ago, apart from regular system updates.

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