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Inspiron G5 15-5590, issues installing Ubuntu 18.04, on SSD, works on HDD

hello to all

i bought a "recent" dell G5 5590 (from 2019) and wish to run it with a linux distro.

As a first trial, i used the classic ubuntu 18.04.03 (LTS) wich is supposed to be "officially suported" by dell on this laptop.

The computer came with windows 10. I removed it (after deactivating the bitlocker function) and did a complete cleanup. this removed all the original files on both disks. I also did (later on after some difficulties) a data erasing on both disks from embeded dell utility.

in a live session, i also created partitions on the M2-pci ssd

an efi partition (around 500 M)

an ext 4 /  partition

an ext 4 /home partition

on the hdd i created only an ext4 "data" partition

uefi boot is enabled, legacy is not allowed, secure boot is disabled.

installation works fine, with the AHCI mode is enabled in the bios.

First deception, after finishing the installation the live system won't reboot, hangs or crash.

So i have to do a hard reboot with a very long keypress on the power button.

I did several trials (even with linuxmint 19, kubuntu, wubuntu) with the same result :

after login in randomly black screen, or the desktop is launched, but as soon as i start using any function (doing an update, installing a driver) the system hangs and or freeze.

i've tried to figure out what might be wrong but at the moment i don't know where to search...

So a little help would be very appreciated !

of course i can sent more infos, as needed


installation of linuxmint 19.03 on the HDD  works flawlessly. Every thing is recognized.

After a week or so no problem; I now wish to have the ssd installation working...


Any idea somebody ??!! Thank you...

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see EDIT of previous post...

Maybe somebody would help me to check if setup is well configured,

to allow me to use the pcie ssd (some kind of write protection maybe,

or a remainder of the windows configuration inside the ssd ?)


thanks anyways...


Your installation looks okay. If you have any question, you can ask. I'm gonna help you.

My installation is as the following;

I have 500GB SSD + 1TB HDD. On the 500GB SSD, I have Linux + Win dualboot. I did all the partitioning manually myself by removing everything on the SSD. There is a "Seperator" partition that I've created between Linux and Win. Note : I don't have Dell G5.


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