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Latitude 5290 integrated webcam blinking/flashing in ubuntu

My integrated camera works but blinks/flashes (like if I am dancing on a disco..) and displays only B/W images. The red led on the side of the camera (indicating camera activity) flashes as well.

This is independent of the application, e.g. on Skype, Cheese, etc.

I'm on a Dell Latitude 5290 with Ubuntu 18.04

sudo lshw:

description: Detachable
product: Latitude 5290 2-in-1 (081D)
vendor: Dell Inc.
serial: <Service Tag removed>
width: 64 bits
capabilities: smbios-3.1 dmi-3.1 smp vsyscall32
configuration: boot=normal chassis=docking family=Latitude sku=081D uuid=44454C4C-4B00-1034-8042-C2C04F4A5232
               description: Video
               product: Integrated_Webcam_HD
               vendor: CNFGE16O39442000DBB0
               physical id: 5
               bus info: usb@1:5
               version: 70.05
               serial: 0001
               capabilities: usb-2.01
               configuration: driver=uvcvideo maxpower=500mA speed=480Mbit/s


Any help ?

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