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Linux Ubuntu

I am trying to get information about the differences between the Linux Ubuntu opperating system and Microsoft windows???  I hate to sound stupid but I never heard of the Linux or Ubuntu.  Thanks to anyone who can help me.

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Re: Linux Ubuntu


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Read this information below on Linux.


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Re: Linux Ubuntu

Download and create an Ubuntu live CD.  Then while in windows insert the CD and let it run, then you can choose to run Ubuntu from the CD or do an install inside your windows system.  This will allow you to try out Ubuntu and if you like it or are interested you can do a normal install or uninstall from your windows system if you don't like it.

The process is pretty straight forward and user friendly so experiment and have fun.


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Re: Linux Ubuntu

You can get more information about Ubuntu Linux here:

One thing to consider is that your old software like Microsoft Office can't be installed on Linux.  Ubuntu Linux comes with lots of free software included, like OpenOffice 2.4, which is Office 2003 compatible.  There are lots of free Open Source downloads for Ubuntu, but it won't run any propriatary Microsoft programs.

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