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Mini 9 with Ubuntu-ad hoc network

I have two Windows XP machines: a desktop with a DSL connection (and a USB wireless card) and a laptop with a wireless card/ In both cases I was able to configure the wireless for an ad-hoc (i.e. point to point) network so that I can use the laptop to access the internet through the desktop DSL (no router). I am trying to do the same with the Ubuntu Mini 9 and the desktop (I never have the laptop on when the Mini 9 is on). The Mini 9 says it is connected to the wireless network (I know it is the right one by name and the fact that I have WEP encryption). However it gets no IP address and cannot ping the desktop (even by the IP address that the desktop has for the wireless network).


In configuring the wireless for the Mini 9, there is no option for an ad-hoc network. How do I do this (without the need to reconfigure my network with a wireless router?

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