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Options for virtualization with Linux and Windows?


I'm looking into ordering a new desktop system, and want to wind up with a virtualized setup with Linux (flexible on distro) plus Windows (7 or XP) installed.  What are the options for getting up and running?  What are the preinstalled options from Dell?  For example, can I order a system with ESXi installed and Windows 7 as the host OS?  Ubuntu as host OS?

What if I'm feeling lazy and just wanted Dell to ship a system preinstalled with the whole setup?


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Re: Options for virtualization with Linux and Windows?

I don't think Dell does pre-installed VMWare, especially on desktop class PCs. You can get Dells with Ubuntu or (of course) Windows 7 pre-installed and then install your own virtualization software and guest OS.

Which OS is host and which is guest is obviously up to you. Keep in mind that hardware-dependant things like 3D graphics acceleration may not work very well under virtualization so if, for example, you are wanting to play a lot of graphics intensive windows-only games, you would probably want windows as the host OS. In addition to VMWare you might want to look at Virtualbox - especially if you want to run a Linux host. It is open source and integrates into a Linux desktop host environment a little easier than VMWare in my experience.

Or you could always dual boot.

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