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Partitions on Dell Inspiron 1525 Ubuntu

Hi everybody, I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with Ubuntu Linux and now I need to resize the partitions to install another OS but when I boot with Gparted Live CD I have 4 primary partitions and I can't make free space for create another one.

The partitions are:

/dev/sda1 fat16 62Mb

/ dev/sda2 fat32 5Gb

/dev/ sda3 ext3 66Gb

/dev/sda4 extended 2Gb

   / dev/sda5 swap 2Gb


My question is what's for is the sda1 partitions  ? And what do you recommend to do ? What partition can I delete and what partition can I safely resize ?

I need about 10Gb for a new partition.






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Re: Partitions on Dell Inspiron 1525 Ubuntu

I have a similar question with my Inspiron 530N, which just arrived yesterday. My goal is to be able to choose Ubuntu or Windows XP each time I boot my computer, and give them about equal space on the hard drive. I found these instructions on the system76 web site, and I got as far as resizing my primary partition.

But when I try to install Windows XP (a copy I already owned) on the unpartitioned space, Windows says the maximum number of partitions already exist and that it can't create another one.

So I have two questions:

1) How can I create another partition for XP?

2) What are all the existing partitions for? If there is any online documentation from Dell about the partitions they put on there, and whether any of them can be safely deleted, that would be helpful.

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