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Remapping Ctrl to Caps Lock keyboard problems

Hi there. I'm an owner of a 2016 Dell XPS 13. It's a wonderful machine except for some issues I'm running into remapping the Caps Lock with Ctrl.

I'm a developer and I by far use Ctrl way more than Caps Lock, so over the years I have grown used to remapping the key. Right now I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and through Gnome Tweaks > Typing there's a few ways to remap or swap the Caps Lock key.

For the most part, it works just fine. However I have run into some weird issues.

* Certain key combinations just aren't registered. Such as Shift-Ctrl-2, Shift-Ctrl-W, Shift-Ctrl-S, and Shift-Ctrl-X (using the physical Caps Lock remapped key). I noticed this when some keyboard mappings weren't recognized. They work just fine with the original Shift-Ctrl-key but when I remap Ctrl, nothing is happens. I can also test this out in Ubuntu's console by running the `xev` command.

* Sometimes Ctrl-whateverkey sticks and repeats indefinitely, even when I pull my fingers from the keyboard. One example I randomly run into is Ctrl-S which I do throughout the day to save a document.

I've searched the internet, and I've made sure my BIOS is fully updated through the Windows partition and the dell update utilities, but I haven't found any fixes to this.

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Re: Remapping Ctrl to Caps Lock keyboard problems

I bought a Precision 7530 a month ago, I had the same issue.


Caps Lock and Left Shift can not work well with 2, w, s or x.


I have test them in Windows, they can't work well, too.


Ref: Reddit: XPS 13 problems when remapping Ctrl to CapsLock

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