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Small Business Ubuntu Support

Been searching to no avail.  Does anyone have Dell technical support contact information for newly purchased product to the Ubuntu Support Group for Small Business, preferably email?



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Re: Small Business Ubuntu Support

My question is similar but not the same.  I'm wondering if there is any part of Dell that would sell me a Linux variant and then support me in trying to install and maintain it.

The background to this is that I have purchased a Linux variant called Mint on amazon and finally figured out how to install it on the hard drive of an old 2011 Dell XPS laptop (that had lain dormant for a couple of years).  There is nothing of any value on the laptop, but my goal is to have a little fun and education, to see if I can extend the life of the old laptop, and to evaluate whether Linux might be ok for my next laptop purchase. 

Note that I am decidedly not technical.  However, with paid technical support, maybe the project would go better. 

As to my next computer, I like the hardware on my present Dell business laptop, but I am not a fan of the Windows 10 Operating System and interface.  Will I keep spending this kind of money on Windows computers?  Maybe, but maybe there are other options.

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