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Hi all,


New to the community, so hello to all. I am a copier engineer on the south coast of the UK for Ricoh and my job revolves around installing multi-function copiers onto corporate networks.

I have a Mini10v, 1gig ram, 8gig SSD, and wiped off the installed dell/linux os in favour of Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10. I've also been playing around with the Moblin Remix and found it to be a different (but in a nice way) front-end on it, but things like the web-browser and the network manager seem a little in their infancy still. It would be nice to hear what others run and why maybe?

I run Ubuntu 9.10 on my desktop PC, and find it quite useful to run these netbook distros in Virtualbox to get a feel for them - Crunchbang and Lucid UNR are on there at the moment to have a play with.





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