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Ubuntu onto 537s to get dual-boot with Windows 7?


I want to end up with dual-boot to ubuntu or windows, and preferably keeping Dell recovery framework. Can I get there?  Anyone with experience who can suggest what to do, or not do?

Background info.  I have an order in for a new Inspiron 537s. There was option to order it with either Ubuntu 9.04 or Windows 7 pre-installed.  I chose Windows, so (I believe) I will be getting dell resource disk plus windows disk+install key, as well as factory-installed windows on the box.  Looks like I can get create a Linux install disk for Ubuntu 9.10 myself per instructions on http://en.community.dell.com/wikis/linux/building-base-ubuntu-factory-iso.aspx.

But getting to dual-boot may be tricky. I don't know enough about Dell recovery tools, to know if they're going to get in my way. Looks like Dell has one tool for Ubuntu 9.10, plus something different for Windows 7 (DataSafe Local Backup 2.0).

Any suggestions? Do-able? Or should I just get a second PC for ubuntu? 😉

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Re: Ubuntu onto 537s to get dual-boot with Windows 7?

Just one hour back i am able to dual boot on my studio 1450 laptop with win 7 & Ubuntu 9.1 without any problem.My all factory partitions are still intact......i dont have to format my hardisk for doing this.

First i  shrink my hard drive C (Dell loads OS on single partition) from the disk management utility provided in windows 7.I am able to shrink drive C to around 68 GB.from rest i have created a new partition "E" for my personal stuff and around 50 GB left  unpartitioned for installing Ubuntu.

Now in disk management windows i have 5 partition one for win 7 bootloader (198 mb), 9 gb recovery partition (dell factory restore),an OS partition, my personal partition E and unpartioned portion (for Ubuntu)

Now Just boot From your Ubuntu CD and follow step by step installation.When you reach disk partition utility just click the option "largest free partition available on disk for Ubuntu installation" and then click next.While making changes to partition table installer may show an error message for not able to change windows partition,just click ignore and let the ubuntu installation to finish. once installation complete,grub will take the control of booting and lists ubuntu and win 7 as booting option.

Whole process doesn't take more than hour.

I think this will also works for you.....Enjoy:emotion-11: