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Upgrading to Intrepid Ibex

Is there a way to upgrade from Hardy Heron to Intrepid Ibex using the dell repositories?   The update manager and apt-get shows no normal release in the offering.  I would like to upgrade to see how Intrepid performs on the mini.  I have tried doing a fresh install with a live CD and also the one from Dell Linux desktops, but they had some problems.  Hardy Heron from Dell Linux desktops actually behaved much better than the factory version, but it had no sound, which is something I need on the mini in order to use it for my intended purposes.

I know there is a problem with the update manager on my machine.  I tried reinstalling with the factory recovery DVD, but the problem with it still persisted.  At least, though, I was able to upgrade to 8.04.2 in that fashion.

I really do like the mini-9, it is a good little computer, very portable and easy to use.  Using Hardy on it forever is still far better than windows.  I have been using Ubuntu for two years.



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