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cant update bios on my inspiron 910 (mini 9) from a00 to newer version

I tried to follow the instructions from bigbrovar

I get my system System ID: 0x02B0

Then,  I try to locate the bios update (.hdr file) in applicable to my system ID

The file should be something like (assuming bios version a0X exists)  system_bios_ven_0x1028_dev_0x02b0_version_a0X/

There is absolutely no corresponding file.

Tried to browse user forums but didnt see anything that solves this problem

Is there still a way to upgrade my bios? Can I use the hdr file that is applicable to another system ID (im afraid ill crew up my system)

The reason I want to upgrade my bios is that 1- dell announced the upgrade is a recommended upgrade for the inspiron 910 , and 2- because i experience huge battery problems.

My battery is at 0% level and wont charge - I read a way to solve this was to upgrade the bios.

Thanks a lot for any help!



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Re: cant update bios on my inspiron 910 (mini 9) from a00 to newer version

I has been 5 days without a reply, so here is something, although it may not be very helpful for you. 

I had installed the extension so the DELL bios upgrades would be easier , just as with the all the other programs on
our Ubuntu systems but unfortunately Dell has not followed through with placing the proper bios updates, that process would
make it easier than using windows. However, you can try installing


The firmware-addon-dell package provides plugins to firmware-tools which enable
BIOS updates for Dell system, plus pulls in standard inventory modules
applicable to most Dell systems.


I no longer remember how I upgraded the bios on my wife's 1420N but seem to remember finding the raw bios at Dell's ftp

web site;

You may find some of the information in the following thread helpful:


I suspect that although Dell has limited support for Ubunu, they seem to be very careful not to get too involved

and possibly threaten their Microsoft agreements.






on edit: you may want to check other forums, perhaps even the ones for the Eeebuntu




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