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dell 968 printer on linux ubuntu 9.4

I have an older dell 968 (non wireless) printer and just switched my OS to Ubuntu 9.4 so I am a total newby on ubuntu. How can I get this printer to work... Is not working right now and I cant afford a new printer. Please help!

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Re: dell 968 printer on linux ubuntu 9.4

I am also trying to get my new 968 w printer to be seen by my ubuntu laptop. 


I am using the printer via an ether net cable and router.  I think though, since even windows requires dell software to print, that someone will have to port that software to work with ubuntu. 


I was kind of hoping since Dell sells Ubuntu laptops, that they would create a patch, or a separate download for this printer, but so far I have not found one, or a workaround.

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