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machine unusable

my daughter in in college and had an ispiron laptop she tried to get help from dell tech support but reports that they only help with hardware issues.  the best thing is probably to format the hardrive and reinstall her orrigional windows and office.  the difficulty is that she did not get the software on disks when her machine arrived from dell.  they must have a reccord of her computer and our purchace.  what can we do th help her?  she tried to install linux ubuntu but this was unsuccesful.

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Re: machine unusable

I checked into this a while back.  My wife's laptop came with Vista and no recovery disks.  There was an online way to request replacement recovery disks from Dell, but I don't have the link anymore.  You need to give Dell support the Service Tag number from your computer to get them.  The Service Tag number is probably located on the bottom of the laptop.  She should try sending an email to support@dell.com with her service tag number and ask about discs.  They can probably email her a link to the proper website to request them.  Either that or try downloading Windows 7 RC1, burn it to a CD, install it and trying that until next March when it expires.  

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Re: machine unusable


Go HERE to request a replacement set of disks

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