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ubuntu 13.04 support windows 7 and ubuntu linux dual boot driver support Alienware x51

Hi i'm just wondering if Alienware x51 has downloads for Linux drivers. i am dual booting windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.04. can anyone tell me if their is going to be available driver downloads on the support section of the dell site.

My Specs: Cpu: Intel core i3 3.30 Ghz quad core 

   Gpu: Nvidia Geforce 545 Gt/ 555 Gtx

   Ram: 4 Gb Ddr3

   Motherboard: Alienware Motherboard (stock motherboard with alienware x51)

   Hard-drive Space: 1 Tb  

  Os: Ubuntu 13.04 Amd 64 (64 bit), and Windows 7 64 bit Home edtion

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