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WIN 8.1. Login Password with Vietnamese letter - cannot login anymore

Hi there,

I have a problem with logging in to my Win 8.1. local account (my only account, don't use my Microsoft Account on that laptop):

My System: WIN 8.1, 64bit, Dell Inc. XPS 13 9343/0310JH, BIOS A00 11/04/2014

What happened: I live in Vietnam, therefore have the local standard program for Vietnamese language (UnikeyNT). I added a password to my local user (and admin) account (my only account on this laptop) by typing "....or......" (the points are other letters/numbers). The activated UnikeyNT made "or" to "ỏ" (it is an "o" with a comma on top).

Now, when logging in, I cannot reproduce this letter because there is no such letter in the installed US English (international) or German keyboard. Also, the on screen keyboard does not have this letter.

Any idea how to solve this problem except of reinstalling everything?

Thanks for your help!

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Community Manager

RE: WIN 8.1. Login Password with Vietnamese letter - cannot login anymore


The problem is, that you cant switch or start the application (UnikeyNT) during login. If you have special letters given in the password you can try it with the ascii table. So you can press the alt key and the code for the special character. For example - press and hold ALT and type 0169 will be a © Symbol.

The other solution is to "hack" the OS - following video will show a howto:



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