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Deleting discoveries from OMIMSSC

We are using version 7.2 of the OMIMSSC to integrate Dell Server monitoring into SCOM. We finally got some systems added and are receiving the iDRAC information ok in SCOM.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake and entered the wrong credentials for a discovery job. I now see TWO jobs run against that server:


But I do not see how I can remove the discovery  ?


I've also checked via the admin portal but there is no option either


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Hi Anjana,

yes, you are correct and I can change a credential profile like that.

However, there is no way for me to see what server uses which credential profile. Once a server was added I cannot even look at the configured parameters. There should be at least to see the information that was entered when creating the initial discovery. Same goes for the scheduled discoveries. So the only option is to delete a server completely and then to add it again. But, the scheduled discoveries are left behind and seem to stay forever in the system.

We are planning to use this appliance to monitor 140 iDracs. So I need a reliable method to manage them.




Ok, Yes I understand you. 

Are all the iDRAC IPs having different set of credentials?




Most of the systems can be access using the same credentials. The goal is to eventually have them all configured the same. But there will be always new systems coming in, that might be different



Hi @AnjanaRM 

have you got any more information on how to remove the scheduled jobs ?



 Hi @Thorsten_S 

My apologies for the delay in response. At present the way to delete the scheduled job is to delete the device(s) associated to it. In your case, one option is to modify the device credentials associated to the failing job so that it may succeed. We have taken your inputs and are tracking them as enhancements for future releases.

In case you have any additional technical issues please do reach out to the Dell Support. 

Thanks and regards,


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