Dell Server Management Pack v. 5.1 OOB discovery bug (I assume)


I've identified what I assume is a bug in the latest version (5.1) of the Dell Server Management Pack.

What seems to be the problem is the discovery script that is used internally in the MP for discovering Dell specific device information on devices that have been added to SCOM as SMASH devices. In my case 620 blades.

I've been struggling a lot getting the MP to "pick up" the SMASH devices. After some logging and problem analysis it became evident that the problem lies within the actual discovery as the script consistently failed on my management servers.

By copying the script in question (ServerDiscoveryDSMT.vbs) from the Health Service cache to a safe place I was able to reproduce the problem by running  the script including the parameters provided in the discovery workflow.

Anyway - the script failed with an error indicating that an object was never initialized.

By reverse engineering the script (which is almost 7000 lines of code) I was able to identify the culprit. 

Essentially, the problem lies within the code logic that tries to identify the type of server in order to discover it properly in SCOM.

As shown in the code snippet below, the code identifies the chassis type (Monolithic or Modular) by looking into the ChassisName property using WSMAN, If this doesn't contain the strings "Main System Chassis" or "Server Blade" the necessary variables will not be set and the discovery will fail.

In my case the ChassisName on the blade enclosure is given a unique name in order to identify the chassis, hence all OOB discovery was not working.

So - my question is:

Is there already a fix available for this - or - when will a fix be available?

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