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Request: Ticket submission system for Dell catalogs.

I had submitted a discussion here that ended up being resolved on it's own.. A week + later.

Dell, as well as many other 3rd party vendors will sometimes submit a revised package without updating the hash in the catalog, which leaves us helpless to distribute these update packages via SCCM.

My hope is that Dell would create some system where we could easily submit a ticket when a package does not match the hash in the catalog.

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Hello @Mike762,


I do understand your point of view, it's not easy finding the correct place to submit a request for the issue that you and the others are facing. The community forum boards are being monitored by the tech support teams. Tech support here is do not have direct access to support directly for the catalog issue, but I'll forward this suggestion to other departments, and suggest your great idea about reaching out via submitting a ticket easily. 

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