SMASH SCOM blade center

Have access to blade Center with DRAC also - and here I have the SNMP access from SCOM - that´s fine and works ok

However adding the device via "WS-Management and SMASH" in SCOM - typing the IP of IDRAC or BladeCenter and using root and std password (which also let me connect to the devices) it does seem to find any SMASH devices - should something be enabled on the DRAC or Blade Center (I have tried the advanced conf. with no luck)

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Re: SMASH SCOM blade center

I didn't get your problem completely. However these are the steps to be followed to discover iDRAC device under  smash device state view

1. Create the RunAsAccount say ex "OOBRunAsAccount" with credentials that can be accessed the iDRAC device

2. Do the smash discovery as you mentioned in your query.

3. In the discovery of smash process Create an MP say ex "OOBDiscovery" and proceed

4. When it ask for RunAsAccount you can give already configured "OOBRunAsAccount".

5. After completing above steps you can add devices with IP address range or you can browse a text file that IP addresses of iDRAC. Dont forget to do skip CA check and CN check.

6. If you scan the devices you will get list of devices that can be accessed with credentials you given at "OOBRunAsAccount".

7. After adding devices to "OOBDiscovery" MP you will get the devices in SMASH device state view under monitoring with in 15 minutes of time.

However to use the OOB monitoring you need to buy licenses.

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RE: SMASH SCOM blade center

So using the SMASH protocol to monitor, cost some kind of a "Dell License" ? - if so, how to register the license

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