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Automate Hyper-V / ScaleIO Deployment with SCVMM and SCCM

Hi Experts,

I’m working on a project with a customer where he is full Microsoft. The issue I have is that we don’t have yet a automation tool (@ Scaleio LEVEL) to deploy and configure a ScaleIO node. After some researchs, I think that we can use : - SCVMM Bare Metal deployment to deploy Hyper-V - SCCM and Dell Server Management Pack Suite to configure Bios and so on o Also used  to deploy ScaleIO Software - Powershell scripting or Orchestrator to configure ScaleIO.

Could you tell me if someone did something equivalent ? I don’t have a lab to build the whole infra but I think I could achieve the goal with those different products.  Your help will be very appreciated.

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