ESI/ MMC snap-in for ISILON?

Hi team,

IHAC who is facing issues in management of CIFS file shares through MMC snap-in which is not available in ISILON 7.0. User can only go through CLI or Web GUI for monitoring opened sessions and close files which are inactive. This poses a problem which was earlier handled easily on Celerra through MMC.

Is there any plans to support ESI for ISILON? What other way is possible to bring MMC snap-in for ISILON users?

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Re: ESI/ MMC snap-in for ISILON?


I agree it could be great to have Isilon added to ESI and I don't no the plan on ESI side.

Usually during the Isilon demo I use the mmc to create CIFS share, change ACL etc even with

Isilon OneFS 7.x. Did you try it using Admin Rights ?


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Re: ESI/ MMC snap-in for ISILON?

Hi Daniel,

What we are trying to do is shares mgmt through windows 'computer management' and closing open files and sessions using MMC. This is only possible through GUI in OneFS 7.0 which makes it difficult as there are thousands of files and session. Customer is happy with the performance but lack of snap-in is nagging them..

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Re: ESI/ MMC snap-in for ISILON?

Hi Daniel,

can you please describe how to archive this?

I added a domain user to the local provider group Administrator of the access zone,

but i am unable to create shares via the mmc

i got the respone "0x800702e4 the requested operation needed elevation" ...

kind regards


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