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ESI Management Pack for SCOM Access Requirements


I am enquiring about the ESI Management Pack for SCOM for the EMC San's, do they need Administration access to the SAN or can it be a Read-Only access account and also for the Run-As-Profile in SCOM, what kind of access is required to monitor the EMC San's.

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Re: ESI Management Pack for SCOM Access Requirements

ESI will require administrative access to SAN. Pls refer to section “Adding storage system” from the product guide. If your or the customer’s organization has storage admin vs windows admin separation, then ask the storage admin to install ESI Service and provide the windows admin with monitoring access.

RunAs Profile for SCOM agent can be Monitoring Role. Details in the product guide section “Setting up the EMC SI Run As profiles”

You can access documentation at https://support.emc.com/products/17404_ESI-for-Windows-Suite