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Hyper-V and Disaster Recovery

I had a few questions around disaster recovery and Hyper-V environments.  I have a customer who wants to know why Replication Manager does not support CSVs (this came up during a VNXe discussion).  Is it a technical limitation of RM?  Does this same limitation apply to VNX arrays or is it VNXe only?

This same customer has a two-node Hyper-V cluster with CSVs that they wish to replicate to another cluster at their DR site.  I've read that RP\CE is a requirement to replicate Hyper-V clusters, yet I have also read that RP\CE does not support CSVs.  Is this correct?  Is there any whitepapers that outline some of the common Hyper-V environments and the best way to implement DR?


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Re: Hyper-V and Disaster Recovery

Regarding your question about Hyper-V CSVs and RP/CE, yes at this moment it is not supported, hopefully in the new RP version will be...

I have uploaded a couple of documents in case you didn't see it before.




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